Dining With Terrorists
Phil Rees
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Phil Rees takes us into the world of the political activist and guerrilla fighter and sits us down at their table
Featuring a brand new chapter on 7/7, this fiercely intelligent expose is the culmination of twenty years' research. By infiltrating the most inaccessible political resistance groups, hardened reporter Phil Rees has sought to understand what motivates the ‘terrorist’ or ‘freedom fighter’ and to weigh this against current world events and the sweeping power of US military might. In his discussions with groups in such diverse countries as Colombia, Algeria, Kosovo, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Iran, Lebanon, France, Cambodia and Ireland, Rees seeks to pierce the propaganda, to discover the human story behind the faceless, hooded caricature, and to test our preconceptions of just what the word terrorist actually means. 'His account should trouble anyone who believes Washington's enemies in the war on terror are easily identified' Newsweek 'The most exhaustive expose of the ideas of the Noam-Chomsky/Michael-Moore school . . . he is a good reporter and a congenial gourmet' Sunday Telegraph
ISBN 9780330433051Category Non-fictionSubcategory Politics & Current Affairs
Publisher Pan Macmillan UKImprint PanPublished 05/05/2006
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