Engineer in Training
Sarah Lawrence
Price  350.00
Step into the shoes of an engineer! Use your science smarts to build incredible buildings and invent amazing machines. Do you have what it takes to be an engineer in training? Learn how to become an engineer in this exciting title! Packed with bitesize information and fun facts about the life of an engineer, Engineer in Training will tell you how engineers use math and science to create the buildings and machines we see every day! Simple activities will test your skills and reinforce the information you read in the book. Can you help to repair an amazing vehicle? Or design a skyscraper Or even invent a brand-new machine? Take a look inside to find out!
ISBN 9780753444108Category ChildrenSubcategory Non-fiction
Publisher Pan Macmillan UKImprint KingfisherPublished 21/03/2019
Format Binding PaperbackPage extent 48
Age group Juvenile Non-
author note
Sarah Lawrence lives and works in Worthing, England with her young daughter,... »
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