The Story Seeker
Kristin O'Donnell Tubb
Price  550.00
Book 2 in the middle-grade Story Collector series, in partnership with the NYPL, about a mystery being solved inside the NYPL. Viviani Fedeler, proud resident of the New York Public Library, has set her sights on becoming a star reporter. She's thrilled when Miss Hutch announces a story contest where the winner gets their essay printed in The New York Times! But when it's time to write, Viviani is out of stories. As she struggles to find inspiration, the library is struck with a string of mysterious disappearances. Rare medical texts keep vanishing off the shelves, nowhere to be found! Will Viviani be able to return the books to their rightful shelves and find the perfect story to impress the Times? The Story Seeker delivers an unforgettable mystery adventure set in the iconic New York Public Library during the Roaring Twenties.
ISBN 9781250763020Category ChildrenSubcategory Fiction
Publisher Macmillan USAImprint Square FishPublished 26/01/2021
Format BBinding PaperbackPage extent 272
Age group Juvenile
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