Jane Ray
Price  699.00
The story of Cinderella told through six beautifully illustrated 3D peep-through tableaux.

A young girl with an unpleasant stepmother and two cruel stepsisters ... and a Fairy Godmother with a magic wand. The classic tale of Cinderella is theatrically retold in six exquisite three-dimensional scenes by Jane Ray. Each scene is three layers deep so you can peer through to wonderfully romantic backdrops: a lonely kitchen, a sparkling ball room, a city nightscape and a magical garden. With fold-out flaps covered in starred indigo curtains, and a wooden stage, the magic of the theatre is beautifully recreated in this wonderful fairy-tale gift.
ISBN 9781406336573Category ChildrenSubcategory Fiction
Publisher Imprint Published 10/10/2012
Format 215mm x 270mmBinding HardbackPage extent 12
Age group 5-8 years