The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot
The True Story of the Tyrant who created North Korea and the Young Lieutenant who stole his way to Freedom
Blaine Harden
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"The bestselling author of Escape from Camp 14 tells one man's a stonishing story, set against the world's longest-lasting totalitarian state: North Korea"
"An ambitious and gripping exploration of the world's most secretive state through the intertwined lives of two North Koreans, one infamous, one obscure: Kim Il Sung, the former North Korean leader and No Kum Sok, once the state's youngest jet fighter pilot. Shortly before the Korean War ended, their paths crossed. Kim Il Sung congratulated No Kum Sok on his flying skill and courage, but just a few months later, No Kum Sok stole a Soviet-made MiG-15 and escaped to a US airfield in South Korea. This non-fiction thriller digs deeply into the character of the Kim family dictatorship. Both an irresistible adventure story and an authoritative guide to the notorious state, The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot explains why North Korea remains so isolated, why it created and maintains its concentration camps, and why it is still so angry at the western world. 'Harden's book, besides being a gripping story, unsparingly told, carries a freight of intelligence about this black hole of a country' -New York Times on Escape from Camp 14"
ISBN 9781447253372Category FictionSubcategory Asian History
Publisher Pan Macmillan IndiaImprint MantlePublished 31/03/2015
Format 234 x 153Binding Trade PaperbackPage extent 256
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