Life Deluxe
Jens Lapidus
Price  799.00
Dirty money , no matter where it comes from, will be clean cash after it has been laundered by the right person. JW hasn't wasted his time in prison and he's planning a grand comeback.
Jorge is tired of his new, square existence selling lattes and cappuccinos. Life deluxe looms on the horizon as he plans his last heist. This time it will be very big money. But the police are closing in and an undercover officer has got deep into Stockholm's criminal inner circle. Close to Jorge, close to JW.
At the same time, someone is out to get the Godfather himself - Radovan Kranjic. People are starting to think about what life will be like once he's gone. Who will be Stockholm's new king - or queen? The methods vary but the hunt for money, power and a carefree life somewhere warm and sunny goes on.
The goal is easy money - and life deluxe.

ISBN 9781447256427Category FictionSubcategory Crime & Mystery
Publisher Pan Macmillan IndiaImprint MacmillanPublished 05/06/2014
Format 234 x 153Binding Trade PaperbackPage extent 512
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