The Steves
Morag Hood
Price  399.00
Two puffins compete to be the Number One Steve in this very funny, brightly illustrated story. There can only be one Steve. Or can there? When Steve meets Steve, neither can believe it. Surely one of them must be the first Steve, the best Steve, the Stevest Steve . . . The claims of each puffin become sillier and sillier as the argument descends into name-calling - until both Steves realize there's really no need to fall out over a name. The feuding puffins perfectly reflect the sort of silly arguments children have - and The Steves shows just how pointless they are. The bold, brilliantly coloured, graphic illustrations will have you laughing out loud in this glorious book from Morag Hood, creator of the hilarious Colin and Lee, Carrot and Pea, I Am Bat, and Aalfred and Aalbert.
ISBN 9781509834846Category ChildrenSubcategory Pre-School & Picture Books
Publisher Pan Macmillan UKImprint Two HootsPublished 07/03/2019
Format OtherBinding PaperbackPage extent 32
author note
Morag Hood has a unique voice. Her idiosyncratic, wry humour permeates... »
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