BIG Ideas to BIG Results, 2e
Robert H Miles
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Today, your business has immense new opportunities to disrupt markets and delight customers. But truly impactful innovation and business transformation is as brutally difficult as ever. In BIG Idea to BIG Results, two world-renowned consultants introduced the first complete strategic methodology for business transformation: an approach fully grounded in reality, inclusive of people, and 100% results-oriented. Now, in this extensively updated Second Edition, they’ve integrated new Transformation Competencies to help you “disrupt and delight” with even greater speed, intensity, and impact.
Building on their pioneering work with hundreds of senior executives, EY’s Michael Kanazawa and Dr. Robert H. Miles now show you how to: 
Transform your “purpose” from a paper mission statement to a shared burning ambition that really can drive your strategic transformation
Leverage agile innovation techniques to move faster, reach value earlier, reduce execution risks, and overcome change gridlock
Completely rethink the way you use digital, embedding it throughout your strategy, business model, products, and services
Use “Speed Brakes” to systematically manage each of the factors that can inhibit or accelerate your transformation
Start using prioritization as a management discipline, not just a project management activity
Whatever your role in driving your business forward, BIG Idea to BIG Results, Second Edition will help you align behind what really matters now, bias your people towards speed and action, and harness their energy instead of wasting it. Kanazawa and Miles will help you find the right path for your business transformation, clear away your obstacles to innovation, and get there – more surely and rapidly than ever before.
ISBN 9789352866168Category Non-fictionSubcategory Business, Finance & Management
Publisher Pearson EducationImprint Pearson EducationPublished 30/08/2018
Format RoyalBinding PaperbackPage extent 272
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