The Year of the Runaways
Sunjeev Sahota
Price  499.00
'A beautifully written novel about illegal Indian immigrants trying to make a life in England.
Tochi, Avtar and Randeep have fled India for a new home in England, where, bound by secrets, haunted by history, and in pursuit of hope, they try to find a toehold in a country that seems utterly foreign. Tochi and Avtar have no real papers, but Randeep is the lucky one, married to Narinder, his visa-wife living on the other side of town. She has her own reasons for trying to help him. But what price have they paid for their dreams?
ISBN 9789382616795Category FictionSubcategory Modern & Contemporary Fiction
Publisher Pan Macmillan IndiaImprint Picador IndiaPublished 08/04/2016
Format 129mm×198mmBinding PaperbackPage extent 480
Sunjeev Sahota was born in 1981 in Derbyshire and continues to live in... »
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