Best Kept Secret
With a writing career spanning 36 years, Jeffrey Archer remains one of the most successful storytellers of our age. He first burst onto the literary scene in 1975 with Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less, followed four years later by the phenomenally successful Kane and Abel, still one of the biggest bestsellers of all time now on its 93rd reprint. Eighteen novels, six collections of short stories,...»
Sunita and Mukesh are friends. He’s cynical, from Calcutta, cocky and well-read. She’s clever, curious and amused by him. It’s the 1960s, Delhi University. Fashionable movies play at the art deco cinemas, Nehruvian poshness is stylish, The Beatles are the rage. They meet over a quotation game involving William Shakespeare and whisky. They both realize there’s something special here. They have burning...»
Jane Eyre Laid Bare
Fear overtook me then. Not fear of him, but fear of myself, of the inner life I’d held privately for so long, my desire, my carnal longings, all threatening to rise to the surface and engulf me.

When an eager and curious Jane Eyre arrives at Thornfield House her sexual desires are instantly awakened. Who is the enigmatic Rochester whom she instantly feels attracted to,...»
The Shadow Throne
Aroon Raman’s debut novel The Shadow Throne is an exciting page-turner with action that moves from India to Pakistan to its hair-raising climax in Afghanistan

September 04, 2012, New Delhi: Pan Macmillan India is delighted to announce the forthcoming publication of Aroon Raman’s debut thriller, The Shadow Throneon...»