Beyond America's Grasp
A Century of Failed Diplomacy in the Middle East
Stephen P Cohen
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Middle East expert Stephen P. Cohen traces U.S. policy in the region from the breakup of the Ottoman Empire to the present. A century ago, there emerged two dominant views regarding the uses of America's power: Woodrow Wilson urged America to promote national freedom and self-determination?in stark contrast to his predecessor, Theodore Roosevelt, who had advocated a vigorous foreign policy based on national self-interest. In concise, pointed chapters, Cohen offers a lucid primer on the complexities of the region and an eye-opening commentary on how different Middle East Countries have struggled to define themselves in the face of America's stated idealism and its actual realpolitik.
ISBN 9780312655440Category Non-fictionSubcategory History
Publisher Macmillan USAImprint PicadorPublished 26/10/2010
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STEPHEN P. COHEN, the president of the Institute for Middle East Peace... »