Irshad AbdulKadir
Noted as a theatre critic and a social activist, Irshad AbdulKadir finds a strong spiritual connection with the universal message of humanity while writing fiction. Irshad is a lawyer and a lecturer in legal studies, specializing in common law traditions and reasoning. Several articles written by him on socio-economics, governance and politics have appeared in newspapers and journals. His interests include big game observation including Gir lions and leopards in Junagadh, tigers in Bhopal, cheetas in Manavadar and crocodiles in the Indus; and documentary film making. His documentaries—‘The Dancing Girl of Mohenjodaro’ and ‘The Parsis, from Persepolis to the present’—have received citations. He is the author of Clifton Bridge (2013) and The Deriabad Chronicles (2018). The Clifton Bridge stories are currently under negotiations for a TV series.
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