Teressa Iezzi
"Teressa Iezzi is the editor of Advertising Age's Creativity, the leading publication and site covering all things creative in advertising and design. The monthly Ad Age Group publication provides a showcase of the best ideas across all areas of consumer culture, an exploration of the talent and technique behind the work, and insight into the creative people and trends shaping the future of the industry. Iezzi also oversees Creativity's website, Creativity-Online.com , which offers the definitive daily posting and archive of the work that matters, as well as the latest industry news and ad reviews. Iezzi is also a regular columnist in Advertising Age and has appeared on broadcast and cable news channels including ABC, CNN and BBC America and in the national press as an expert on advertising and popular culture. Prior to her role at Creativity, Iezzi had been editor of Ad Age Global, a monthly publication covering marketing and advertising from an international perspective."
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